Did you know that 6th March 2017 is European Day of Dysphagia?

Please see below for the range of ways we are celebrating and promoting this, and ideas for how you can join in.

Why not make March your month of promoting awareness of dysphagia – what it is, the impact on people's lives, and the role of specialist Speech and Language Therapists?

There are lots of ideas for events you could try - have a great day!

1. We'll be Tweeting throughout the day to help build awareness of all the dysphagia-related events that are happening all around the UK – and across Europe.

Please remember to use the hashtags #ADP_2017, #swallowaware2017 or tag in @cplol_eu and @RCSLT.

Twitter gives us the chance to share comments, advice, resources and references – no barriers to geography or discipline. Hope to 'tweet meet' you soon!

2. Our next ADP conference is 19th July 2017 at Newcastle University. Booking opens TODAY for the 100 FREE places - they are sure to fill up very fast so make sure to check your diary and reserve your place as soon as possible. Please click here to book.

3. European Day of Speech and Language Therapy is promoted every year on 6th March, as this is the anniversary of CPLOL – to read more about this please click here.

All around Europe people are using the same poster and press release to raise public awareness, translated into their own local language.

You can download the poster here and edit if you wish to use it to advertise a local event. To download the press release please click here.

Please send us news and photos of your local events so that we can add these to the Europe-wide round-up report.

4. The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists also have a suite of resources that you can use to help promote your own local events – please click here to view these.

5. The CPLOL working group have also prepared a list of key references for SLTs and other healthcare professionals to update themselves in their own field of practice. Check this out here.

6. There are a number of video clips that are all in the public domain. These all highlight the impact of dysphagia on people's lives.

You may have seen some of these clips before, and may have already used them as discussion points with colleagues or with some of your families.

Of course, you'll want to check these videos first before you share them – and please let us know if you have other videos you can recommend.

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