The ADP presenters have a number of peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations relevant to their work in dysphagia. A selection of these is listed below – please contact the individuals concerned for further information.

2013 Roddam, H Moving on as a research-active clinician. In Dobinson, C and Wren, Y. Creating Practice-Based Evidence: A Guide for Busy Clinicians J&R Press (ISBN: 978-1-907826-09-2)

2012 Guthrie, S., Roddam, H., Davison, P., Sharmin, P. and Fairburn, G. Capacity to choose and refuse? A case study and discussion of capacity, ethics and best interests in a person with intellectual disability, mental illness and neurodegenerative condition. Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities Vol 6 (6): 293-301

2012 Smith, S., Roddam, H. and Sheldrick, H. Rehabilitation or compensation: time for a fresh perspective on Speech and Language therapy for dysphagia and Parkinson’s disease? International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders. Vol 47 (4): 351-364

2012 McCurtin, A. and Roddam, H. EBP: SLTs under siege or opportunity for growth? The use and nature of research evidence in the profession. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders 47 (1): 11-26

2012 Roddam, H., Crawford, H. and Lazenby-Paterson, T. Developing advanced clinical practice in dysphagia: what are the challenges? Moving Advanced Practice Forward (MAPF) Conference, University of Bolton

2011 Guthrie, S. and Roddam, H. Reducing the risk. Reporting and learning from choking incidents in adults with learning disabilities. Speech and Language Therapy in Practice. Spring 2011, p12-14

2010 Roddam, H. and Skeat, J. (Eds) Embedding Evidence-Based Practice in Speech and Language Therapy: International examples. Wiley-Blackwell (ISBN: 978-0-470-74329-4)

2006 Burton, C., Pennington, L., Roddam, H., Russell, I., Russell, D., Krawczyk, K. and Smith, H. Assessing adherence to the evidence-base in the management of post-stroke dysphagia. Clinical Rehabilitation 20: 46-51

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